Book Review: “Gear Up: A 2014 Camera Buyer’s Guide”


Released just in time before holiday photography purchases, “Gear Up: A 2014 Camera Buyer’s Guide” is an easy-to-read, informative guidebook about cameras on the market today, the purposes they serve for your needs, specs on each and an unbiased rating from NYCDPW photographer, instructor and gear guru, Matthew Cetta. I’m not much for reading manuals or books on photography gear and equipment, but I love the fact that the book is full of photos of the products, easy-to-read specs and a three point rating of “Good”, “Better” and “Best” in each camera category and most importantly, WHY. I feel so uneasy leaving my camera advice acquisition in the hands of a commissioned salesperson who will only try to sell me a high-priced item. For $9.99 on Amazon’s Kindle store, I can get unbiased advice that may save me hundreds from buying more than I need. I also love that I have this extensive guide on my Kindle and can use it when comparison shopping out and about on Black Friday or Cyber Monday without being bothered by a salesman. This book is a must-have of the season for holiday shopping and into the new year! Available on any platform with a downloadable Kindle app.


– Review by Dawn M. Wayand


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