Directing & Posing Your Subject in Photo Shoots

120 Minutes

You have the lighting dialed in just right.  The background is saying what you want it to say, the image, the look you have in your head is starting to come together.  And then you have your subject… Now what?

The human eye immediately grabs on to the human form first in an image, particularly the fact, particularly the eyes.  This is to say, your subject is THE most important element of your image! Do you know what to do, how to act, what to say to pull the look you want out of them?

This class is designed to help you do just that.  Learn the tricks and techniques used by the pros in the real world to effectively get the results the are looking to achieve.


In this workshop we will cover:

  • Most effective approaches to working with your subject
  • Guidelines on how to interact – what to say, what to do, what NOT to say, what NOT to do!
  • Getting out from behind the camera and how to engage with your subject
  • How to relax your subject
  • Poses, poses, and more poses
  • Matching poses and lighting


You will leave this workshop more confident in directing the subject before your camera and posing your subject in a way that works with your lighting.


Requirements: Intro to the Photography Studio and Basic Lighting Patterns workshop or relevant previous experience shooting in a studio setting. We will not be going over equipment, equipment settings or lighting setups.


Optional: Feel free to bring your camera, however, you will also need to bring your camera’s USB cord for tethering to Lightroom. If your camera does not tether to Lightroom, you will need to use the classroom camera, which is a Nikon D750, and I will have it set for the studio settings. No exceptions.


SPECIAL NOTE: Any student photos taken of the model belong to the photographers, however, photographers agree photos shall be released to the model to use for her portfolio only as a special thanks for her time. Photographers agree to sign a class model release prior to shooting providing such use and prohibiting photographer commercial use (selling the photos) without written consent of model.

For more info or to schedule a workshop, please contact Dawn at


About the Instructor:

Dawn M. Wayand is a professional photographer, exhibition curator,+ photography educator and founder of NYC Digital Photography Workshops. Having published over 80 feature photography articles and gear reviews since late-2015, Dawn currently writes for the Adorama Learning Center, B&H Photo and Digital Photography School. Dawn has been shooting travel, street and candid portraits since 2001 and has been working with models and actors shooting portraits, headshots and fashion through her own photography business, Dawn M. Wayand Photography, since 2014.