Building Your Confidence As a Photographer

I have had many students come to me wondering if their work is good enough to exhibit or to put up to share or to sell. Without confidence in your work or yourself as a photographer, you will do a great deal of harm to your career in photography. You ...
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How I Finally Learned Manual Settings

I shot in automatic for the first 7 years that I had picked up a camera. Sure, I knew manual settings existed, but I was afraid I had gotten too old to learn something so basic yet what can sometimes be a bit complicated to get used to on the ...
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How to Start Building Your Portfolio

You need a portfolio to start any type of business in photography whether it is on the web, in print or both. Not sure where to start? Have you even started? Here are some tips on how to start building your photography portfolio. 1. Shoot Regularly You cannot have a ...
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Why You Should Participate in Portfolio Critiques Regularly

We are artists, constantly producing new photographs, be it film or digital. We are personally attached to what we photograph, carrying our own personal biases, unable to detach and look at our work objectively. Portfolio critiques are meant to help you detach from your personal bias and to see your ...
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10 Reasons to Attend a Photography Workshop and/or Photo Walk

1. “Nothing happens when you sit at home” – Elliot Erwitt If you’ve put down your camera for any amount of time, a Photography Workshop forces you to pick up your camera and explore new photographic opportunities that will motivate and inspire you to grow as a photographer. 2. “If ...
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