The Art of Portraiture Part 4: Gear and Equipment for Success

A portrait tells a story of someone’s essence – someone’s being. It takes great skill and technique to capture an accurate portrayal of someone. While skills and techniques necessary for shooting a portrait are a large part of successful portraiture, the are not all that is needed. You also will ...
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10 Tips for New Photography Students

Photography is a hobby for some, a part-time venture for many and a career for others. There are many things that some photographers wish they knew in the beginning, before even picking up a camera and creating their first photo. Some wish they knew the easier way around doing things ...
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Whew! Your actual photo shoot is over but your work is not complete just yet. You have your images but they’re not delivered to your client directly out of the camera. Post-production is in order so there’s a few more steps to completing your TFP model portfolio shoot. My studio ...
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The Art of Portraiture Part 3: Your Subject

The most important element of a portrait is your subject. Yes, composition and depth of field adds to a portrait, and backgrounds and lighting can make or break one, but without a subject, there is no portrait. The biggest key to a great portrait is your subject. Model: Kathryn Hopkins ...
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Where to Show and Sell Your Photography

Many photographers first think to themselves, “I want to show my work in a gallery.” However, galleries are not the only venue where one can exhibit and sell their work. There’s numerous other opportunities for getting your work out there for viewers and collectors to see and purchase. I will ...
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