6 More Tips for Beginners Learning Photography

So you got a camera for your birthday, the holidays or you just decided to finally get one and learn how to use it. Many beginners will start to learn photography without direction only to run into a roadblock and decide that photography is not for them. They put their ...
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6 Tips for Beginners Learning Photography

Photography can be a very rewarding experience for many photographers. Not only do photographers create a permanent archive of memories, but the validation and criticism received when sharing your work – be it with friends and family or exhibiting in a gallery – can generate an amazing feeling and confidence ...
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Getting the light right is extremely vital in photography. It can make or break an image. Just as there are many choices in cameras, lenses, backgrounds, light stands, tripods and other various photographic tools, there are also numerous choices for studio lighting. Four monolight light setup. Model: Shoko Fujita As ...
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What Inspires Your Photography?

As photographers, we can be inspired by many things before clicking the shutter on a scene or subject to capture a moment in time. It could be the light falling on a scene or the look in someone’s eyes. It might be the time of day or the time of ...
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Choosing the Right Studio Flash Lighting For You

There are many ways to light a subject when creating an image. You can choose daylight and a reflector. You can take your subject indoors and plug in some continuous lights with modifiers when photographing young children or subjects that blink a lot with flash photography. The other option is ...
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