11 Ways to Overcome Creative Blocks in Your Photography

Many artists sometimes face a lull in their production of new works or continuation of existing works due to a “creative block”. They often will find it difficult to conjure up an idea to work on a new piece or to even finish a piece they’ve already started. Photographers are ...
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6 More Tips for Beginners Learning Photography

So you got a camera for your birthday, the holidays or you just decided to finally get one and learn how to use it. Many beginners will start to learn photography without direction only to run into a roadblock and decide that photography is not for them. They put their ...
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6 Tips for Beginners Learning Photography

Photography can be a very rewarding experience for many photographers. Not only do photographers create a permanent archive of memories, but the validation and criticism received when sharing your work – be it with friends and family or exhibiting in a gallery – can generate an amazing feeling and confidence ...
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10 Tips for New Photography Students

Photography is a hobby for some, a part-time venture for many and a career for others. There are many things that some photographers wish they knew in the beginning, before even picking up a camera and creating their first photo. Some wish they knew the easier way around doing things ...
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The Nikon Guide Mode: Guiding You Toward The Perfect Shot

Nikon goes above and beyond in assisting new photographers in creating better images and proper exposures with its Guide Mode. The Guide Mode allows you to easily take, view, delete and to adjust settings to your most frequently used functions of your camera. Geared toward the budding beginner photographer, the ...
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