11 Ways to Overcome Creative Blocks in Your Photography

Many artists sometimes face a lull in their production of new works or continuation of existing works due to a “creative block”. They often will find it difficult to conjure up an idea to work on a new piece or to even finish a piece they’ve already started. Photographers are ...
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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting a Portrait

You have a portrait shoot coming up. It’s possible you spent the last week preparing for the photo shoot to the point you feel confident you’ve got this and that nothing is going to go wrong. Excitement is in the air as you cannot wait to test your skill and ...
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Social Media and Your Photography

Technology advances and new platform creations have brought photographers new ways of sharing their news and their work. Long gone are the days of printing images and having a get together with your friends and family to share photos from your latest trip or requiring you or your client to ...
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10 Tips for Relaxing Your Subject During a Photoshoot

One of the more difficult things photographers face when shooting a subject – be it a portrait client or a fashion model – is getting your subject to relax during a photoshoot. Many people get a little camera shy or feel a little unconfident in front of the lens for ...
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Capturing Magic: Finding Inspiration For Captivating Portraits

Portraiture has been around for many centuries. Before the digital age and even before the age of film, portraits had been created through other mediums such as paintings and sculptures. A portrait is a treasure that people keep around for a lifetime. A great portrait embodies the essence of the ...
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