Two Workshops to Help You Prepare for Black Friday

two-workshops-to-help-you-prepare-for-black-friday.jpgThe holiday season is quickly approaching – and whether you celebrate or not – if you’re a photographer, one thing is for certain: that day after turkey day is the time to take advantage of holiday deals! But do you know where to start? Are you purchasing something for yourself or a loved one? Cameras? Lenses? Equipment? What brand? What to look for? There are so many brands, ranges, sensor sizes and whatnot to choose from. Do you want to make an informed decision to avoid buyer’s remorse? Do you want to avoid going back and forth, second-guessing yourself on what you want to purchase? NYCDPW wants to help! We have created two new Workshops this year to help holiday shoppers go to the store armed with knowledge on what they should look for when they are ready to make that purchase based on the purpose for which they plan to use the equipment.


On Sunday, November 24th from 11-2pm, we are having a Gear Up: A 2014 Photographer’s Buying Guide Workshop to help arm you with knowledge on cameras and gear while from 2:30-5:30pm we will hold a Lens Guide: What They Are and How They Work to help you determine what type of lens you are looking for based on the purpose for which you plan to use it. Not sure what all those letters and numbers and mean on the lens? This Workshop is for you!


We hope that you will join us for these two pre-stocking stuffer Workshops on November 24th and shop “savy” this season.

– by Dawn M. Wayand

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